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13 août 2019

Bien que plusieurs personnes dans votre organisation puissent avoir besoin d’accéder aux données stockées dans votre solution ERP Microsoft Dynamics, il n’est pratique de tous leur donner accès à votre solution comptable. Cela peut évidemment compromettre la sécurité des données, en plus d’engendrer des frais de licences élevés.   Heureusement, la solution d’intelligence d’affaires Microsoft […]

The post Tableaux de bord Power BI : Profitez de la richesse des données de votre solution ERP Microsoft Dynamics appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

24 juillet 2019

While many people in your organization may need access to the information stored in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, giving everyone access to the accounting solution is not practical. Security issues come to mind, not to mention the costs of providing everyone with the licenses needed to access the solution.   Thankfully, Microsoft Power BI […]

The post Power BI Dashboards: How to Leverage the Wealth of Data of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

12 juillet 2019

Les environnements de travail étant de plus en plus mobiles, l’accessibilité est une fonctionnalité maintenant essentielle. Microsoft le sait et développe donc des systèmes et des technologies infonuagiques permettant aux organisations de connecter avec leurs clients à partir de n’importe où. Comme JOVACO partage cette vision, nous faisons également en sorte que nos propres produits […]

The post Remplissez vos feuilles de temps à partir de n’importe où avec Microsoft Dynamics GP appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

28 juin 2019

In an increasingly mobile workplace, accessibility is a crucial feature: Microsoft knows this, developing cloud-based systems and technologies that allow organizations to connect with customers from anywhere and keep employees where they are most needed. JOVACO shares the same vision, and as such we’re making sure that our own products provide users with the mobility […]

The post Fill out Your Timesheets on the Go with Microsoft Dynamics GP appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

31 mai 2019

Le paysage technologique étant en constante évolution, Microsoft a récemment lancé une nouvelle solution ERP : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, une plateforme de gestion d’affaires pleinement infonuagique basée sur les fonctionnalités de Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Cependant, la ligne de produits Dynamics comprend déjà d’autres systèmes ERP, dont Microsoft Dynamics GP. Pour cette raison, nos clients […]

The post Microsoft Dynamics GP ou Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central : quelle solution choisir pour votre organisation ? appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

17 mai 2019

As a result of the everchanging technological landscape, Microsoft has recently launched the new ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a fully cloud-based business management platform based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV capabilities. But there are other ERP systems in the Dynamics line of products, including Microsoft Dynamics GP. We have been asked often recently […]

The post Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Which is Right for Your Organization? appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

19 avril 2019

Comme les possibilités offertes par les solutions et technologies infonuagiques s’élargissent continuellement, il est normal que vous vouliez en faire profiter votre organisation. Bien qu’une migration complète de vos systèmes puisse être intimidante, vous pouvez toutefois adopter une approche plus graduelle. Ainsi, vous pouvez incorporer certaines technologies cloud au sein de votre organisation avant de […]

The post Vers le cloud en 3 étapes avec Microsoft Dynamics GP appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

25 mars 2019

As cloud-based solutions and technologies are getting more and more traction, it is of course natural to want your organization to benefit from them. While a complete migration of your systems may seem daunting, you can take a more gradual approach to incorporating cloud technologies into your organization before taking the final leap and migrating […]

The post Three Steps to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics GP appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

13 mars 2019

Afin de fournir aux utilisateurs de Microsoft Dynamics GP des produits toujours plus efficaces et conviviaux, Microsoft a récemment annoncé que le support grand public de Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 prendra fin bientôt. En effet, il n’y aura plus de mises à jour de sécurité ou de fin d’année disponibles pour cette version après le […]

The post Fin de support pour Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

27 février 2019

In order to provide Microsoft Dynamics GP users with increasingly efficient and user-friendly products, Microsoft recently announced that mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will soon come to an end. This means that security hotfixes and payroll year-end updates will no longer be provided for this version after April 14, 2020. However, Microsoft will […]

The post End of support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 appeared first on ERP Software Blog.

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Articles tirés du CRM Software Blog (articles en anglais)

2 août 2019

We’ve heard a lot about “One Microsoft” these past few years, a restructuring of Microsoft’s organizational structure that connects together all aspects of the company. By eliminating silos between departments and teams, Microsoft sought to increase communication and synergy across its entire organization. It’s now offering organizations the tools they need to do the same: […]

The post Microsoft Flow versus CRM Workflows: What’s the Difference? appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

28 juin 2019

Despite the many advantages of a customer relationship management solution, organizations are sometimes skeptical that they can benefit from one as well as its true ROI. As Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement experts, we at JOVACO often have to debunk the same few myths and misconceptions whenever we are called to analyze an existing system […]

The post Debunking CRM Myths: Maximizing Your Return on Investment appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

16 mai 2019

In its simplest expression, a customer relationship management system helps you connect better. To this end, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) puts at your disposal several tools: these include web-based, interactive portals allowing you to connect with your clients, partners or employees, depending on your specific needs.   Easy to set up without HTML […]

The post Stay Connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

25 mars 2019

Microsoft Office 365 offers a suite of productivity tools, fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Well-known applications like Outlook, Excel, SharePoint and OneNote are complemented with a set of cloud-based tools that improve collaboration, communication and productivity in the workplace. At JOVACO Solutions, we love the mobility and accessibility offered by this integration, […]

The post 5 Things We Love About the Integration Between Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 (CRM) appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

21 décembre 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers price locking on sales order products, which can cause users to experience difficulties when they attempt to update unit pricing. When this situation arises, it can be managed in two ways: Via the toolbar ribbon Via the lock icon found directly above the sales order products sub-grid By default, when sales […]

The post Updating product unit pricing on open sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

31 octobre 2018

The next major cloud update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 arrived this month! The upcoming Business Applications October 2018 release comes with a host of features and enhancements that we are really excited about.   As mentioned previously, all Dynamics 365 users will have to migrate to the new version by January 31, 2019 to take […]

The post Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics 365 October 2018 Release Features appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

24 août 2018

Microsoft is changing the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates will be delivered: major cloud updates will be deployed twice a year in April and October to provide new capabilities and functionality to all Dynamics 365 users. These updates will be backwards compatible, while regular performance updates will be rolled out throughout the year as before, […]

The post Microsoft Optimizes Delivery of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Version with Continuous Deployment Updates appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

18 mai 2018

It has been a long time coming, but Microsoft’s marketing automation solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, is now available, providing organizations with all the tools they need to automate campaigns, obtain better customer insights, and help drive their sales team. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform (previously known as Microsoft Dynamics […]

The post Increase Sales and Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

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