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Take advantage of a system specifically tailored to the needs of your organization to optimize your operations and focus on your mission. A flexible, scalable management solution for NPOs and associations can help you achieve your objectives both in the short and long term by integrating your various tools and centralizing your data. The full integration then ensures they are linked to your activities, events, and the various communications sent to your members.

Are these situations familiar
to your organization?

Need to track budgets accurately

You need to be able to track and manage your budgets with precision to avoid cost overruns.

Scattered data and documents

Your operations are currently managed using various paper documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Word files.

Several reports necessary

The process to generate your reports is often tedious as it requires numerous manual operations.

Team members on the road

Some members of your personnel work on the road and need to have access to their data and tools from anywhere.




Empower your users

Ensure that the members of your team have access to all the tools and data they need to complete their tasks efficiently. By increasing productivity across your organization, you save on time and money, which can then be invested in the more important aspects of your cause.


Facilitate access to information

By centralizing the information of your contacts and members, the solution reduces response time. Data about resources, participants, and suppliers can be retrieved and shared easily without having to look for it through several paper documents or Excel spreadsheets.


Create reports efficiently

No need to manually browse and sort numerous documents and spreadsheets to generate your reports, statistics, and other indicators. The system compiles and filters data as needed to prepare your reports for various internal or governmental purposes.


Track budgets and activities with more precision

Take advantage of improved visibility on your budgets, funding and activities to track them more closely. This lets you plan upcoming activities and better control your budgets to act quickly and promptly when needed.


Have access to your tools from anywhere

Mobile capabilities provide the level of accessibility necessary for your team members to access their data and tools via their smartphone or tablet. This lets them complete their tasks and respond to members from anywhere and at anytime.


Adapt the solution to your specific needs

No need for costly personalized developments to benefit from a system that can be adapted to your daily realities. The high level of customization and flexibility lets you adapt the solution to your specific needs and processes.

for all users

Better visibility on key data
By increasing efficiency and visibility throughout your organization, the management team can focus on what really matters. Advanced analysis capabilities and information available in real time provides them with a clear view of members and their needs.
Automated and streamlined processes
The integrated system bridges the gap between operations and finances, ensuring that everyone has the data they need on hand. The tracking and management of budgets is facilitated, while centralized data makes it possible to pull accurate reports quickly.
Staff Members
Improved accessibility and productivity
The members of your personnel can complete their daily tasks more efficiently as they have access to all their information and tools from anywhere. They also work from an environment that is already familiar, thanks to an interface similar to that of other Microsoft products such as Word and Excel.
IT Team
Easier system maintenance
Even with a limited IT budget and infrastructure, you can benefit from the customization options and flexibility of the solution. An online installation facilitates maintenance and reduces fees typically associated with CRM applications, and NPOs can even potentially benefit from special rates for Microsoft software.

Case Study

When a not-for-profit organization based in Montreal began searching for a potential solution, the organization knew they needed a system that would not be too expensive and that did not have large infrastructure needs. As such, JOVACO proposed the CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Find out how a management solution for NPOs helped them overcome their daily challenges.

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Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

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Case Study
Action main-d'oeuvre inc.
Action main-d'oeuvre was looking for a system that would help them consolidate all details regarding their participants and resources, track their current and past activities and collect and compile information for the production of various reports. The NPO chose Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.
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Are the limitations of your current system preventing your finance team from performing as well as they could be? Cloud ERP installations let you unleash the full potential of your management system, from matters of security, to updates and data availability.
CRM is Not Just
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These days, nearly all teams across a company are involved in customer relationships to some extent. The use of your CRM should not be limited to your salespeople: other resources can benefit from access to customer data and communication history to increase their efficiency and productivity.

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